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The Exuberant land and the people of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for the excellence of its agricultural products (coffee and pineapple in the first place). Depending upon locations and altitude, many regions differ in agricultural crops and techniques. The main exports include bananas, sugar, vegetables, tropical fruits, ornamental plants, corn potatoes, and palm oil.
Costa Rican farmers and multinational corporations include practices two primary methods of farming: Plantation agriculture which includes practices by global companies such as Dole, Chiquita, Del Monte, and sustainable permaculture. There are also numerous indigenous communities that practice subsistence farming.
The program we are proposing combines all these aspects into a single itinerary. Unfolding across different areas of the country, you will discover the varied agricultural productions and to get to know its protagonists directly.
You will have the opportunity to experience the notable hospitality of the local Tico people (as they are traditionally called in Latin America).
Essentially, this tour offers authentic experiences, profoundly connecting you to the local reality instead of providing a standard touristic perspective.
In this package, we have included a mixture of various agricultural experiences, along with nature-based tours and cultural visits that make this a well-rounded program of unmissable experiences in Costa Rica.
We also hope you will enjoy the relaxing break on the splendid coast of Guanacaste at the end of the trip

Chile! Study Tour of its Agriculture, People and Outstanding Attractions. 

Join us and find some of the richest and most productive agriculture in the world plus a well preserved variety of culture, cuisine and art. When it’s snowing in the US Chile is exporting fruits, vegetables, wine and specialty crops. The well watered south of Chile offers excellent pasture for livestock and top growing conditions for flowers, ornamental plants and woodlands. Seafood is abundant along the coast and sheep, llamas and alpacas are happy in the Andes, and salmon are fattening in their coastal pens.

Included are visits to farms and ranches, processing and packing plants, forest plantations, research stations and agriculture suppliers. We will visit popular touristic sites around Chile’s most famous coastal resort, Viña del Mar, and in the southern lake district. We also savor the world class wines of the Casa Blanca valley, join in the fun at a folk music and dancing show and visit Chile’s largest produce market in Santiago. The lake district panorama includes smoking volcanos, sparkling lakes surrounded by the snow capped Andes and Chiloe Island known for handcrafts quality and unique architecture.

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Services Included:
- Round trip air Santiago/Puerto Montt/Santiago
- Ground transportation via chartered, air-conditioned coach
- Nine nights lodging in 4 star hotels or resorts
- Nine breakfasts, eight lunches and one dinner
- Twelve technical visits
- Touristic activities and events as shown
- Technical bi-lingual guide
- Personalized travel and briefing book

Photographs Destination Chile