North America has it all, from the tropical to the frozen arctic, from metropolitan centers such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles to the rural outback of the Ozarks and the high desert, from technology centers such as San Francisco to cultural centers such as Boston and Washington DC.

Our American Presidents tour takes you to the homes, libraries and museums of the most famous, such as John F. Kennedy, George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. During our American Music tour you will hear Chicago blues, bluegrass and folk music of the Smoky Mountains, Elvis’s big hits and the jazz of New Orleans.

The Napa and Sonoma valleys as well as Oregon’s Red Hills are featured in our wine tours, while the berries and tree fruits of Oregon and Washington are the main interest for our Pacific Northwest agriculture tours. Our agriculture tours to the USA and Canada also include the vast corn and wheat fields of the mid-west, as well as the cattle country of Texas and Montana, and the milk and cheese center of Wisconsin.

Oregon’s and Washington’s extensive forests are an important part of our forestry tours, as well as visits to the piney woods and mills of North and South Carolina. The beautiful landscaped gardens of Victoria, Canada plus the highly sophisticated plant nursery industry of Oregon are the main attractions to those interested in gardens and plants.

The wetlands, estuaries, beaches, rivers and mountains of the Pacific Coast are also important destinations. They illustrate the environmental importance of these natural resources.