Historically, a major vacation destination for Northern Europeans, Spain has become a worldwide destination for holidaymakers since its accession to the European Union. Major improvements in infrastructure and tourist services has made Spain a very easy country to visit.

The cuisine, flamenco, architecture and art of each region are not easily forgotten. Starting from Madrid, the capitol and home of the Lo Prado museum, it is easy to reach Andalucia, Catalonia, the Basque country or other regions, each with distinctive cultures, politics and economies.

Andalucia features ancient cities such as Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada, all surrounded by olive and citrus orchards. On the Mediterranean Sea are the famous resorts of Malaga and Marbella. Barcelona is the Capitol of Catalonia, and a delight to know. To the East of Madrid hides the cultural and learning center of Salamanca, surrounded by a diverse agriculture