Right at the heart of Europe and with a history intertwined with that of its neighbors, Slovakia has proudly preserved its own language and distinct cultural traditions. It was part of Czechoslovakia until the "velvet divorce" in January 1993. It has become one of Europe´s biggest success stories. Having uncoupled itself from its western neighbor, Slovakia at first struggled to prove itself, but by the time of the twentieth anniversary of the "velvet divorce" and membership in the EU, Slovakia had arrived.

Europe´s most castellated country is a bastion of untrammeled wilderness, where some of the continent´s densest forest coverage gives way to dramatic fortresses and craggy mountains harboring outstanding hiking. It savors wine over beer and, in its tradition-steeped hinterland, cradles an entrancing folk culture. Slovakia is also proud of its high technology livestock industry and its ability to produce top quality fruits and vegetables on scarce arable lands.