This long narrow country stretches from the desert north to the ice fields of Patagonia. Modern and sophisticated Santiago offers culture, cuisine and high technology, as well as an opportunity to learn about health care, education, women’s rights and other challenges of a rapidly developing nation. Close to Santiago are spectacular beaches and beach resorts, world class wine valleys, and export oriented agriculture.

In the desert north are irrigated valleys filled with grapes destined for brandy distilleries, avocado and orange orchards, and some of the largest mines in the world. This area is rich in ancient archeology and tradition.

South of Santiago are the vast native forests, and the tree plantations that have converted Chile into a major world supplier of wood products. Indigenous cultures thrive here and Chileans flock to the mountain lakes to savor the warm summers. Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia is the national icon, and a spectacular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Punta Arenas, Chile’s most southern city is the jumping off place for visits to the Antarctic.

Anglatin’s itineraries will take you to all of these destinations, and expose you to the agriculture, horticulture, culture, technology and people of Chile.