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Consuelo y Fred

Anglatin’s was founded in 1990 by Consuelo Miranda M.A. native of Chile and Frederick Smith Ph.D. Professor at Oregon State University Natural Resources Department. Our first Technical Study Tour was in 1994. The destination was Chile. The theme was General Agriculture and our guests were farmers from Oregon from Chemeketa College.

Since 1998 we opened an office in Chile. Our team supports us in organizing and conducting our own itineraries. We take care of land arrangements, air tickets, seminars, and technical visits. and multilingual guides.

In 1999 we inaugurated our neighbors' destination: Argentina. A group of Foresters from Oregon went to Argentina. Over the years, we have been in business we have organized and conducted more than one hundred Technicals Study Tours around the world.

The Municipality of Viña del Mar awarded Anglatin in 2001 for its trajectory and contribution to the tourist industry in the region.
ProChile is the Chilean government's export promotion bureau, awarded us in 2001 and 1999 in relation to our projects about Technicals Tours in Chile.

Anglatin´s philosophy is fulfilled when participants travel to other regions and destinations and interact with their counterparts.

The exchange of professional ideas in information is not complete if participants don’t gain a good understanding of the region, country, and culture. Therefore, we arrange social gatherings with hosts and take part in cultural activities.

This social interchange is also an effective forum for increasing mutual understanding and collaboration.


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Created 1990 – Incorporated 1993 Tax I.D. 931116275

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  • Oregon State University
  • Penn State University
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