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Anglatin’s philosophy is fulfilled when participants travel to other regions and destinations and interact with their counterparts.
The exchange of professional ideas in information is not complete if participants don’t gain a good understanding of the region, country and culture.
Therefore, we arrange social gatherings with hosts and take part in cultural activities. This social interchange is also an effective forum for increasing mutual understanding and collaboration.

Chile, "A country with a curious geography".

December 10-17, 2023.

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Anglatin specializes in agriculture, forestry and horticulture tours to Chile, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Europe and Australia. Included are visits to farms, vineyards, plantations, forests, nurseries, processing plants, research centers.

Habitat, Health

Anglatin specializes in habitat, health, and nature tours to Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, PNWest, and New Zealand. Included are research institutions, wetlands, parks, rangelands, mines, and highlands. Escorted Tours to attractive destinations, such as Peru, Brazil, Canada, and South Africa among others.


Anglatin specializes in science and technology tours to the USA, Canada and Spain. Included are energy efficiency, irrigation, water management, construction practices, waste treatment, mine safety and environmental impact, food preservation, transportation management and public policy.